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Why Avoid Shareware
26 mai, 2010, 10:42
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in my next few posts ill explain the difference between shareware, freeware and opensource.. for now its shareware..

Shareware is usually available as free trial offer of a more complicated program. Once the trial offer ends, the user is then prompted to purchase or upgrade to the full version of the software just like many bluray ripper softwares. Shareware is software that you try before you buy. The arrangement is as follows: the author uploads a work for general downloading by the public. Shareware is actually everywhere and also this really is difficult never to bundle straight into that. Typically the most popular places to get shareware is actually within a large number of download your local library, however the businesses (and even independent developers behind shareware) tend to be increasingly supplying shareware from their own websites.

First Post for Blu Ray Development
12 mai, 2010, 8:52
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Hello readers,
If you reached here then you must have come from my main blu-ray ripper site. I use that site for development and experimentation purposes, whereas I will use this place as my update blog. Any updates I make I will post them here. I will also find some way to integrate this blog into my main website.

So for now I would like to talk about some software issues. And how it can effect my blu ray development. Software is part of our capitalist system whether you call it a product or a service. The fundamental basis of the capitalist system is voluntary contracts. Software is written by programmers according to specifications for a program to be created that will perform certain tasks required by the user(s). Software can be very complicated and is usually written using a high level programming language, except in the case of some systems software . Software is freeware tool that can able you to easily create your own PDF documents in one mouse click. Text to PDF Software comes with help option so that any one can use this software without need any help or technical knowledge.

Software is an ordered sequence of directives for changing the state of the computer hardware in a specific sequence. It is generally written in high-level programming languages that are easier and more efficient for people to use than machine language.

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